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  • 20 years' blue-chip journalism experience
  • 15 years' copywriting experience
  • Narration specialist/voiceover artist
  • Global work experience
  • Award-winning content creator
  • Deep, academic understanding of the tech sector
  • Raised more than $1 million in funding for startup development
  • Fluent across media buckets

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A bit more about me

I’m an award-winning journalist and broadcaster specializing in science and technology. My work has appeared around the world, from The Guardian and The Times in the UK to the CBC in Canada to working as a correspondent in Russia and eastern Europe.

My lifelong passion for biology led me to work at one of North America’s top cancer research labs where I participated in important experiments outlining how cancer cells communicate via chemical signals — resulting in my debut as a published scientific author.

I soon realized my talented skewed more toward telling people about science than working in the lab, so I shifted to journalism. Recognizing my talent, I was offered an opportunity to study at the world-renowned journalism faculty at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK, where I graduated with distinction. I went on to work for several blue-chip organizations throughout all sectors of media.

Since then I’ve helped many tech organizations and startups crystallize their narratives to boost engagement and refine their reach. I’m ready to help your company tell a compelling tech story.

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